Rowland Homes: A deal too good to miss!

Independently owned and dedicated to creating stylish and inspiring developments, Rowland has a track record in-house design, construction and the creation of living communities, spanning more than 25 years.

Rowland Homes has a stunning range of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes across Lancashire and Manchester. You can purchase the home with a variety of schemes including Help to Buy (5% deposit and 20% Government interest free loan), Forces Help to Buy (Borrow 50% of your annual salary for a deposit) or Part Exchange (your old home for a brand new one).

At Rowland, we believe in providing a varied portfolio of traditional, modern and contemporary homes in a range of popular locations throughout the North West, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

The environments that we create may vary in shape, size and location, but our commitment to quality means that all are built to the same exacting standards.

Externally, Rowland Homes incorporate eye-catching design features, combined with compatible and responsibly sourced materials, to create that extra special kerb appeal.

Careful and inspired interior planning and design ensures that we maximise every square metre of available living space. Here the dynamics of family life dictate the styles, designs and interior layouts that are light, airy and offer flexible living options.

The latest heating, glazing and insulation products combine optimum comfort with minimal maintenance and cost, in keeping with today’s busy lifestyle.

Our focus on a quality specification is the hallmark of a Rowland home. Our kitchens and bathrooms are prime examples where we regularly go the extra mile, offering fixtures and fittings as standard that other developers call extras.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop inside the home though. Time and careful planning go into the layout of each development to create neighbourhoods, blending the development and areas of public open space into the local environment in a complementary and sympathetic way.

Whichever Rowland home you choose to buy and wherever you choose to live, we hope you’ll find one to suit your lifestyle. Now’s the perfect time to enjoy the Rowland experience and discover the perfect new home.

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