CNet Training

CNet Training

Off By Sharon Black

Since 1996, CNet Training has educated thousands of Service Leavers, providing them with the skills, hands-on experience and sought after qualifications to enter the lucrative network cable and data centre sectors. Today, CNet is the only industry dedicated education provider in the world to provide both internationally recognised qualifications and official certifications for its programs.

CNet is proud to be the originator of  The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework – a framework of programs from entry level copper and fibre cable installation through to a Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management. The framework forms the benchmark for industry education across the world and maps professional education programs to actual career routes and progression throughout the industry.

Every CNet technical education program has been carefully designed to blend technical knowledge with essential hands-on skills that are needed for the industry. CNet believes that it’s the combination of program design and high quality expert Instructors, many of whom are ex-Forces themselves, that forms the secret of its ongoing success.

CNet is ELCAS approved, a CTP preferred supplier and has pledged to support the armed forces community by signing the national Armed Forces Covenant and receiving the gold award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

The Resettlement team at CNet is well-versed in the resettlement process and is experienced at advising ex-forces personnel on the best education programs to choose to reach their career ambitions.