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Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Off By Ed Hanna

Meet Dave, a former personal assistant to an Air Commodore, now an administrator at the Talking Therapies service at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Dave was in the RAF for 13 years and completed tours of duty in the Falkland Islands (twice}, Cyprus, and Gibraltar. He joined #TeamLPFT in January 2023.

Here, he shares his experiences and transition into NHS life:
“The best thing about working for LPFT within the NHS is the supportive environment. Right from the word go, everyone has been supportive and encouraging.

“I called upon this support structure quicker than I had imagined! Very recently I pulled my back in one of those innocuous ‘bending down’ moments. My line manager and everyone in the team has been incredibly supportive. Unbeknown to me, the first call I made to announce my injury had already resulted in a chain reaction.

“Behind the scenes my boss was already organising a physio appointment for me and the wheels were in motion to get someone out to check that my working position at my PC was optimised for posture etc.

“The work life balance since I moved to LPFT and the NHS has been awesome. In the military and even in civvy street, I was always at work. I barely got a break and even when I did, I still felt like work was hanging over me. The NHS couldn’t be more different.

“Healthier working practices are actively promoted by our management, and I believe it has a massive positive impact on people’s morale and their ability to work in what can be challenging and even harrowing situations in the NHS.

“The move to the NHS has been such a smooth transition for me. If you’re in any doubt as an ex-service person about how you will be received and treated by a new employer, then certainly LPFT will be right up your street. There lots of the wonderful camaraderie that you remember from your time in the forces. So, looking forward to seeing you here soon!”

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