Kick-start Your New Digital Infrastructure Career in 2024

Kick-start Your New Digital Infrastructure Career in 2024

Off By Ed Hanna

If you’re planning a post-Service career that’s rewarding, challenging and lucrative, Peter Granger’s story shows why the thriving digital infrastructure industry could be the right choice.

Comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors, which together form the backbone of the world’s digital connectivity that we so heavily rely on, the digital infrastructure industry has a low profile due to security associated with data. However, Service-leavers are highly sought after by data centre operators, who recognise that Veterans already possess many of the required disciplines such as attention to detail, ability to learn and a ‘can-do’ attitude, and can quickly gain other essential technical skills and the knowledge to succeed in mission critical facilities.

Peter Granger joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16. Following 14 years’ Service, Peter faced a new challenge; to choose a career outside of the Forces. Peter’s work experience and hobbies played a part in his decision to choose CNet’s resettlement programme, learning copper and fibre cable termination and installation, followed by a two-week work placement to gain invaluable experience. “The programme gave me the confidence and skills to apply for jobs in the telecoms field and I very quickly gained employment as a cabling installer.”

Peter initially found it difficult to adjust to civvy life but quickly found similarities between the way that ships and data centres are structured. “The transition was straightforward once I discovered we all had clearly defined roles within the data centre, with each team running its own part of the ‘ship’.” says Peter. “Although civvies don’t always get the banter, in many ways – a lot like a ship – working in a data centre feels like home!”

Peter has spent over 20 years in the industry, progressing to his current role as Global Data Centre Manager. Peter believes the work ethic that being in the Forces brings is more valuable to employers than any industry knowledge that other candidates may have and encourages other Service-leavers to sell those skills: “Believe in the skills you’ve acquired in the Forces, not just technical but leadership and management too. I look for those qualities when recruiting, as I can always train someone in technical skills they may be lacking, but work ethic and attitude is invaluable.” 

CNet Training is the global leading provider of technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, awarding internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications that are in demand and specified in job roles worldwide. Since 1996, CNet has been assisting Service-leavers, understanding each person’s career goals, and providing quality education from network cable installation through to many data centre education programmes delivered by expert instructors, many of whom are ex-Forces themselves.