Bring your unique perspective to the classroom – Get Into Teaching

Bring your unique perspective to the classroom – Get Into Teaching

Off By Ed Hanna

As a Veteran, you already have the leadership, organisation and reasoning skills needed to be a teacher.

The skills and experiences you’ve gained during your time in the Armed Forces are invaluable. They are skills that could give you the potential to become an outstanding teacher. 

How you can become a teacher in England:

• Courses across England are designed to further enhance your skills to become an effective teacher – you will gain classroom experience, support pupils, shadow experienced teachers and observe lessons.

• Financial support to train as a teacher is available including the undergraduate Veteran bursary of £40,000 to support you studying for a degree or up to £29,000 for postgraduate training.

• Additional funding may also be available with a maintenance loan, or financial support if you are a parent or have a disability.

• Our free Teacher Training Adviser service can provide you with personalised support via phone, email, or text to navigate your journey into the classroom.

Veteran, Martin Murphy, successfully started his teacher training course after Serving for over seven years in the Royal Navy as a Logistics Officer, deployed in Afghanistan and Serving on submarines.

He’s been a primary teacher for almost eight years, with additional responsibilities as subject leader such as for personal, social, health, citizenship, and economic education (PSHCE).

“I wanted to continue working in a challenging public sector role where I would have more domestic stability and be able to spend time with my family. Using my resettlement opportunities, I picked up skills such as first aid that might be useful in a school setting and getting school experience during leave period, following operational deployment. 

The transferable skills from my experience in the Navy, including public speaking, resilience, organisation and teamwork, as well as a can-do attitude and a sharp sense of humour, have all been useful in building my career as a teacher. 

My favourite part of teaching is making a real difference to the lives of the children and families that we work with, as well as knowing that each day will be different and having to think on my feet and deal with the unexpected.”

How the Get Into Teaching service can help
Our friendly advisers know the application process inside out and can talk you through your options, depending on what your personal circumstances and experience are.

Advisers can help you with practical things like getting school experience and writing your personal statement, as well as helping you to discover what teaching is really like and getting you through the application process.

As a Veteran, you can get an adviser with or without a degree.

Call us on tel: 0800 389 2500 Our telephone service is available Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:30pm.