#TeamHighland is Recruiting

NHS Highland are putting quality first to deliver better health, better care and better value.

NHS Highland is a forward-looking organisation and often leads the way by introducing new models and new methods of delivering care; becoming the first health board in the country to integrate health and social care in 2012. Since then our Highland Quality Approach (HQA) has redefined our purpose and values that are fundamental to our approach to healthcare in the Highlands.

With our strong focus on research, development and innovation, we are always striving to improve by looking for ‘best in class’ across the world.

We are now looking for people who want to be part of our team as we are recruiting to a wide range of posts both in-patient and community services.

Group approaches and innovative digital delivery of interventions will be part of our future as we meet the challenges of providing high-quality care to adults. We are increasingly using improvement methodology to drive up quality across the service.

If you wish to be part of this future please contact: Employment Services on: 01463 705150 or email: nhshighland.recruitment@nhs.net

NHS Highland has strong links with the services, and actively engages with policies and developments in the management of health issues of Veterans. In psychiatry, where our Clinical Director is an RAF veteran, we have 3 vacancies within our cadre of 20 consultants (one general adult and two in Older
Age Psychiatry) which may be of interest to psychiatrists leaving the Armed Services. In addition, we have two Speciality Doctor vacancies in Older Age Psychiatry.

Michael Perera, General Manager Mental Health: michael. perera@nhs.net or nhshighland.recruitment@nhs.net

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