Start your Future with the Open University.

Exploiting opportunities The MOD looks to your future by being strongly committed to your resettlement, giving you access to help and tools to set you up for civilian life.

One of the ways it does this is by working closely with The Open University (OU) to invest in your education. No matter what rank you’ve achieved, where you’ve Served or what trade you’re in, the OU can help you to develop an exciting career path making you more attractive to a civilian employer.

With over 600 OU modules to choose from, across a wide range of subjects, including business school qualifications, you really can develop your career in any direction.

Getting financial support As you’re in the Armed Forces, you’re eligible for significant financial support (whatever you choose to study) through resettlement grants and the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme – an MOD scheme that makes a considerable financial contribution across three years.

You can take advantage of these initiatives when applying to study with the OU.

To find out how the OU could help you broaden your career horizons or be better equipped for civilian life, visit:

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