Barclays Apprenticeship Schemes

From the armed forces to the corporate world may not sound like a natural step, but you’d be surprised how straightforward it can be. You’ll find that many of the skills and experiences you gained in your military career will prove invaluable in the work you’ll do here. You’ll also find that they have social and support networks in place. These will put you in touch with others who are making, or have made, the same transition as you.

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Learn how to teach English as a foreign language

TEFL Org UK is the coming together of TEFL England, TEFL Scotland and TEFL Wales. All of the values of the previously individual brands remain prominent within TEFL Org UK: continuous support, highly accredited and high-quality TEFL courses and free lifetime access to the TEFL Jobs Centre. Rooted deeply within the foundations of the organisation is the belief that if you can speak English, then you can teach it!

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Polar Pumps are now offering 15 day resettlement courses

Polar Pumps are offering Mod 15 day resettlement courses. Due to the excellent response to their resettlement courses at Polar Pumps they have now extended their range of courses. These courses have been modified to fit around the concerns of global warming and the need for renewable energy. Both sets of courses remain at the same great price of £2220.

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