Find out how to Network for that dream job

Networking may sound like an intimidating and awkward affair that only business professionals get involved in but it’s one of the best ways to meet new people and find out about opportunities that may otherwise not come to light.

Research conducted by Virgin found that 85% of jobs are filled through networking, as many people prefer face-to-face communication. If you’re looking to find a new career or simply find out more about a particular industry, then networking events are among the best places to gain information and find new contacts.

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Civvy Life – Ryan Goodwin

Ryan Served in the Royal Navy for six years before leaving and joining industrial electronics spare parts and repair firm, Northern Industrial.

What was your resettlement like?

It’s a 12 month notice period and when it got down to the last three months I got more into resettlement to try to get a job. I went to a few classes on the base about how to write a CV and what employers might be looking for and things like that. It was quite good actually; I didn’t think they’d be as helpful as they were.

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