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The mist and confusion surrounding the May 1916 naval battle is a reminder of the fearsome cost of military miscalculation

As the summer’s sporting calendar again comes into view, another familiar ritual of the season is an anguished backward look at the Battle of the Somme, which the British army...

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Proposals outlining new operational structures have been drawn up but reportedly will not be unveiled until after 23 June

Plans for closer European military cooperation will not be released until after next month’s EU referendum, it has been claimed.

The plans, which outline new European military and operational structures that include...

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Libyan authorities expected to formally request UK government’s help to intercept vessels trafficking migrants and arms

A British navy warship is poised to be sent into Libyan waters for the first time to intercept vessels smuggling migrants and arms that could fall into the hands of Islamic State terrorists.

The government...

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Diving club says ‘manned torpedoes’ on exterior identify HMS P311 which was lost during second world war

An Italian diver claims to have located the long-lost wreck of the British submarine HMS P311, which was downed off Sardinia during the second world war.

Diver Massimo Bondone told the La Nuova Sardegna...

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Labour MP, appearing alongside actor, says Brexit would be ‘a gift to Putin’, but faces unexpected grilling on immigration issues

Labour’s Dan Jarvis said the party must make “the hard-headed case” to remain in the EU, during a speech to army veterans alongside TV hardman Ross Kemp.

The Barnsley MP, widely...

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Falklands war veteran and ex-SAS chief add their names to group urging military personnel to vote for Britain to leave the EU

Falklands war veteran Maj Gen Julian Thompson and former SAS chief Gen Sir Michael Rose have joined a campaign urging serving and retired military personnel to back Brexit....

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