Army Cadets – Use your experience as a volunteer

Army Cadets – Use your experience as a volunteer

Off By Ed Hanna

With over 72,000 cadets (aged 12-18) in 1,600-plus detachments, and more than 450 schools across the United Kingdom, the Army Cadets is one of the biggest and best youth organisations around. 

Just like the Army, we are always on the lookout for new Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) to join our great organisation, to keep up with the natural fruition of both our Cadets and our Adult Volunteers. We want people who are ready to help deliver the ultimate Cadet experience, who are interested in leading and inspiring the future generation, and help shape the lives of our young people. 

We want Adult Volunteers regardless of background, whether you are ex-Forces, a doctor, a teacher, a chef, or an office administrator. We always find that our Adult Volunteers who are ex-Forces really enhance the experience, skills, and activities we deliver and develop for our young people. 

As the Army Cadets is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, we have access to their uniforms, training estates and assured Military and non-Military themed activity. We proudly subscribe to the Army’s values and standards model, as well as following a similar rank structure. However, we are not the Army, nor are we an active recruiter into the Forces, and that is why our Adult Volunteers come from all walks of life. 

Giving back
Many volunteers with a Military background excel in helping us deliver the Cadet experience – we are sure you will too. 

Why volunteer? Volunteering with us can be an excellent way to develop skills and gain both personal and professional qualifications that help you exceed in your day-to-day life. For some, it’s a way of giving back to your local community, making a difference to young people. Above all, it’s a great way of experiencing new things, having a laugh, and making new friends.

So, if you think you could give up one to two evenings a week, with the occasional weekend camps on offer too, and want to do something really rewarding with your free time – the Army Cadets would love to hear from you.

Please bear in mind that the Army Cadets is a voluntary youth organisation, and you will need to complete some familiarisation and assessment training. Because the Army Cadets isn’t the Army, we want to be sure you understand our ethos as a youth organisation so we can provide a successful and rewarding outcome for you, the Army Cadets, and the youngsters in your charge.

Serving members of the Regular Armed Forces aren’t eligible to volunteer with us but can help as Service Helpers with permission from their Commanding Officer (while members of the Army Reserve need consent in writing from the Army Personnel Centre).

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