Guide to University Application Deadlines

Guide to University Application Deadlines

By Ed Hanna

30 June 2019 is an important milestone in the academic calendar. Applications must be received by UCAS by 6pm in order to be sent to applicants’ chosen universities and colleges.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to apply to university this year, it’s getting very close to crunch time. Here’s a rough guide to how the next few months are looking for university applicants…

Still time…

There’s still a bit of time to get your UCAS application together stating your preferred university. That said, some universities had deadlines as long ago as October 2018 since some of their courses are highly competitive and garner huge application numbers. In these cases it’s unusual for them to accept late applications but it’s worth asking.

Course choices

The final deadline for late applications through UCAS with course choices is 6pm on 30 June 2019. Applications received after this date will automatically enter Clearing.

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is a service that began in February and runs until 4 July 2019.

If you applied for five courses on your UCAS application and didn’t manage to secure any offers, or turned down all the ones you received, UCAS Extra gives you a second chance to apply for a place.

You don’t need to use Extra if you did not make five choices on your original UCAS form – but there is an admin fee of £11 to add another choice in the Track part of the UCAS applications website.

You need to have applied to five universities and still have no offers. Essentially, you need to be an existing UCAS applicant, so you cannot simply utilise the UCAS Extra service if you haven’t already been through the ordinary application route.

A-level results day

15 August 2019 is A-level results day (6 August for SQA results in Scotland). UCAS receives your A-level results directly and will update their Track website accordingly – usually around 8am.


Even by July, when UCAS Extra closes, you’ll have another chance to apply for courses through Clearing after A-level exam results are out.

Clearing matches applicants to places on university courses that remain unfilled. It’s available to anyone who has made a UCAS Undergraduate application and doesn’t hold any offers. It opens 5 July and runs until 6pm on 20 September 2019

There’s always next year…

2020 entry deadline for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry is 15 October 2019.

2020 entry deadline for all UCAS Undergraduate courses, (except those with a 15 October deadline) is 15 January 2019.


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