HM Armed Forces Course Opportunities

The University of Wolverhampton aims to support serving Armed Forces personnel, Veterans, Reservists and their families by providing quality courses designed to enhance personal and professional development, translating their knowledge and experience into nationally and internationally recognised qualifications that can be transferred into their role within the Armed Forces and future careers.

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On The Campus: Getting The Most Out Of Student Life

Every university is different and that means that even students studying very similar courses at two different institutions can have very different experiences. We look at the other things you might consider when selecting a university to study with.

Whilst, it’s sensible to select a university primarily for the course you’d like to study and its reputation for excellence in a particular field, it’s not the whole story. There’s a good reason why many graduates will go a bit misty-eyed when conversation shifts towards nostalgia about the good old student days: studying at university is fun.

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