Guide to Further Forces programme

Guide to Further Forces programme

By Ed Hanna

In its first year, the Further Forces programme has helped people from all roles within the Armed Forces to find a new career as a teacher of post-16 students.

The Further Forces Programme has been created by the MoD and Department for Education to support anyone leaving the Military to bring their technical knowledge and skills into teaching in Further Education (FE).

If you are preparing to leave the Forces in the next two years, or have left in the last five years, Further Forces can offer you fully funded teacher training and help you secure a post with a FE provider, teaching students aged 16-plus.

Meet Hannah – a Further Forces recruit

Hannah was a Combat Medical Technician in the Army, she is now undertaking a work placement as a sports science lecturer at Hartpury College while completing her teacher training.

Hannah has developed valuable skills: “In the Army, I developed the skills necessary to administer emergency first aid on the battlefield and also completed my Advanced Ambulance Practitioner course. As a medical technician, I was highly trained in human anatomy, physiology, health and wellbeing.” She is now using this real-world, practical experience to teach young people.

“I had experience of working with people aged 16-plus when working for the MoD, so I knew teaching was right for me. I heard about the Further Forces programme when researching different career pathways online. The programme offers an extensive training package as well as support in both securing a teaching post in FE and then during your training. And it does not cost me or the Army anything!”

Further Education can be the perfect setting for Service leavers, as Mark Hobson, a mentor for Further Forces recruits, explains: “Students in Further Education have chosen to leave school to get a different approach to learning. Therefore, Service leavers are very good in FE as they are not traditional teachers, they can draw on their practical experience both in technical skills but also in team building to connect with the students.”

Hannah is now optimistic about what the future holds: “I am focused on becoming an outstanding sports science teacher by inspiring future generations of students to develop their knowledge, skills and expertise. I feel passionate about helping people achieve their aspirations in life.”

Use your technical skills from the military to teach in FE.

Have you left the Military within the last five years? Then teach technical skills (e.g. IT, mechanics, electronics, catering, medical) to students aged 16+.

Get free training and support to transition to teaching.