Civvy Life – Ryan Goodwin

Ryan Served in the Royal Navy for six years before leaving and joining industrial electronics spare parts and repair firm, Northern Industrial.

What was your resettlement like?

It’s a 12 month notice period and when it got down to the last three months I got more into resettlement to try to get a job. I went to a few classes on the base about how to write a CV and what employers might be looking for and things like that. It was quite good actually; I didn’t think they’d be as helpful as they were.

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Keeping The Nuclear Sector Safe


The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a specialist armed police service dedicated to protecting the civil nuclear industry. It currently protects 10 civil nuclear sites across England, Scotland and Wales and safeguards nuclear material in transit, playing an important role in national security.

The civil nuclear industry includes nuclear research and provides nuclear energy to millions of people. To protect such an important commodity, as well as the public, takes the work of a police service like no other, with specialist officers, from dog handlers and firearms trainers to specialist escorts.

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