Jon Morrissey Ltd – Employer Focus

Jon Morrissey Ltd – Employer Focus

By Taylor Ferguson

Jon Morrissey is a Veteran with over 10 years’ Military service in the Royal Logistic Corps, including several operational tours, under his belt. He’s now the director of Jon Morrissey Ltd – The Elite Driver Recruitment Agency, a company he founded and one with a mission to provide other Veterans with roles in logistics.

Incredibly, Jon caught his civilian logistics break while driving lorries to learn the business, as he says: “I went to a few driver agencies and was driving an articulated lorry one day and pulled off what I thought was just a regular reversing manoeuvre. I was flagged down by a man holding up a card with McLaren GT printed on it. He asked me how I managed to pull off this manoeuvre and if I wanted to work a weekend with them moving some racing cars to racetracks”.

Since that chance encounter Jon has worked with some of the biggest names in motorsport, including: Ferrari, HAAS F1 Team, Mark Burdett Motorsport, Porsche and Procar to name but a few.


Asked to how he’s managed to get work with these companies Jon suggests: “It was purely based on reputation, my driving technique and the Military background. Experience and professionalism was what sold me to them, most of which was accomplished through the Army!”

Jon knew that there were other Veterans with a similar skillset and work ethic to his that could form the bedrock of his ‘elite’ agency and says: “Almost immediately I had so many different companies approach me, asking if I knew of any drivers like me who would be interested. I was an ex-Military man with lots of friends who were just as good as me. So from there I just started recommending them to these companies”.

Jon Morrissey’s unique selling point of bringing a firm base of professionally minded individuals who are at the elite level in what they do sets him apart from the competition. “The reason why we concentrate on the Military and ex-Military side of it, is because they have something about them” confirms Jon, adding: “A company that calls up a driver from Jon Morrissey Ltd knows what type of driver they are getting, and that’s why they keep coming back”.

Perhaps the essential component to Jon’s success is his personal passion. Again, Jon wants to help other Veterans to enjoy a new career in logistics, saying simply that: “We can relate to the experiences and hardships that Military personnel are going through or have gone through. We are there to help them along the way and open doors and to provide opportunities for them.”

They are looking for drivers to provide Military efficiency,
with civilian flexibility…

At Jon Morrissey our team prides itself on sourcing drivers that are at the top of the class, with over 50% of our team sourced directly from ex-Military personnel or currently serving Soldiers.

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