A Day in the Life of a Keytek Locksmith

A Day in the Life of a Keytek Locksmith

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The life of a locksmith is varied, and no two days are the same, meaning our work is never repetitive or boring. A typical day for Keytek locksmith Mark, goes something like this… 

“The start to the day begins whenever you want it to, that’s the beauty of choosing your own hours. My first job was an early one as my customer was leaving for work and couldn’t unlock their door! 

Throughout the rest of the day I had calls from my own private customers, as well as calls to cover Keytek jobs, which make up the majority of my work due to their extensive advertising. Today was a mixed bag with a couple of customers being locked out, work for a commercial customer of Keytek’s and a lock change for a young couple who have just bought their first home. 

Many locksmiths, including myself, cover a wide radius to maximise workload. This does mean that some time is spent travelling between jobs, however this is all part of the role and is a great time to relax listening to the radio. I’d recommend being a locksmith to anyone who is looking for a lucrative, flexible and interesting new career.”

If you are interested in becoming a locksmith, take a look at training with the Keytek Locksmith Academy. 

We offer the UK’s first locksmith qualification, with the option of subcontracting after successful completion of the course.

Visit: www.locksmiths-training.co.uk 
Tel: 01202 711195 

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