You’re Already Highly Skilled… Become exceptional With Civil Nuclear Constabulary

You’re Already Highly Skilled… Become exceptional With Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Off By Civvy Street

Leaving the Military can be difficult. It’s rare to find a place where you don’t only get to use your skills, but also enhance them. However, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is offering people the chance to do just that, and more. In fact, it’s an opportunity to become one of the UK’s most highly trained firearms professionals.

As the country’s specialist armed police service dedicated to the civil nuclear industry, CNC are now looking for people to become Police Constable Authorised Firearms Officers (AFO). While not every shift is exceptional, each one is of national importance. And, due to their increasingly vital role in counter-terrorism, their work is becoming even more crucial.

Responsible for carrying out armed duties, responding to incidents and providing an effective policing service, CNC’s PCs start with a unique initial foundation course.

Here, you get the chance to build on your existing knowledge, while combining your observation and communication skills with your resilience. That way, you’ll learn how to be alert to unusual incidents in and around your site. After a two-year probation, the force will also provide you with the chance to move into a specialist role, such as dog handler, firearms instructor or special branch.

So if you’re looking to continue protecting the country as part of an elite team, then find out more about CNC on their website:

Exceptional Awaits – Your Next Career Could Be Exceptional…

  • We play a vital role in counter-terrorism.
  • Our firearms training is world-class.
  • We’ll help you enhance your already exceptional skills, while developing new ones.
  • All within an environment you’ll be familiar with.
  • Join us and our elite team.
  • And continue to be an important part of protecting the country.
  • We welcome applications from all parts of the community.

Find out more and apply at