GroutGleam are positive about employing Service-leavers

GroutGleam are positive about employing Service-leavers

Off By Ed Hanna

GroutGleam now offer five core services, each one is NEW, lucrative, low cost, and unique in its field and we seek those with the desire and motivation to run their own business.

Using our unique tools, industrial strength compounds and coatings we can restore the appearance of tiles, grout and glass to a like new condition. The results we achieve are not possible with domestic cleaning products. There are domestic and commercial opportunities for this unique service.

For a modest sign-up fee and low fixed monthly fee, we will provide you with a turnkey business, training, support and a marketing campaign in your designated area to help keep those tools busy. We are actively creating a nationwide network of approved, trained technicians for our growing portfolio of services.

And as a genuine “Thank you for your Service” there are incentives for Armed Forces personnel who decide to join our network.

See what Sean Roberts has to say, he joined in October 2018…

GroutGleam are positive about employing Serviceleavers. Here Sean discusses his experiences…

“I’ve been part of the GroutGleam network for three months and, honestly, it’s the fi rst time since I left the Military in 2014 that I’ve felt positive and excited about my work and my future. Initially, I worked for large corporations, but struggled to settle into the corporate world which is hugely different to the camaraderie and teamwork in the Forces.

After four years I decided to start my own business. After a few near misses I came across GroutGleam and Simon Parker. I enquired, spoke by phone, met and discussed the opportunity at length. There was none of the usual sales speak I had experienced with other business opportunities, just straight talking and no frills.

After carrying out independent diligence, I discussed the potential of this untapped niche with friends, family and a small business advisor. I quickly decided that GroutGleam was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to be my own boss, reap the benefits from my hard graft with potential to expand and employ others, earn a wage to support myself and my family, as well as flexibility to take time with my children when I wanted, and to work in an environment of my choosing.

I didn’t just buy into GroutGleam, I bought into Simon Parker. It was important I felt I could get along with, work and trust the person who created GroutGleam. I can unreservedly say that I would thoroughly recommend both GroutGleam and Simon Parker.

I’ve absolutely no regrets. January has been a revelation, I have booked out all my working days and almost booked out February. People say it is highly unlikely to make profit in your first year of trading and breaking even is considered a success. I am well on the way to posting a first-year profit and I even hope to hire my first employee in the summer.

The work isn’t taxing, you don’t need to be a master tradesman. An interest in DIY helps but the patented tools are simple to use, and training is provided.

I’ve already had discussions regarding future opportunities within the GroutGleam network, these are incredibly exciting with frankly huge potential to earn money.

It’s been a difficult time since leaving the Military, I struggled with the lack of structure and routine. I’m no longer frustrated with my workplace, internal politics or grafting like 10 men for someone else’s benefit. I can’t recommend GroutGleam enough and believe anybody considering starting a business or who is leaving the Military should strongly consider GroutGleam.”

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