Heard about Glasgow based Coming Home Centre for Veterans?

The Coming Home Centre is a drop in centre for Armed Forces Veterans and Serving Military Personnel in the Community.

Based in Glasgow they provide tea, coffee and a daily hot meal free of charge to veterans. Eating a hot meal together is an activity that most veterans can identify with and relate back to their service experiences.

For the socially isolated, elderly, early service leavers and transitioning veterans food is the eternal icebreaker and can be a catalyst for opening up to further help and assistance.

The Centre offers in house support as well as other agency referral where required.

They are excited to announce the news that Community Veterans Support will receive £7000 from the Veterans Foundation. This vital support will assist us in our outreach campaign, to get the Coming Home Centre out into the heart of the community and work with veterans who as a result of service related mental/physical health struggle to access our services.

Where it all began

They set out to assist those leaving the services making the transition from military to civilian life after their time in the forces. As word got out about the services on offer, they found that there was more veterans out there who came to them for assistance for a range of different needs.

They then realised that they would have to adapt their role in the community veterans support to cater for all veterans regardless of when and where they served.

How they help veterans

The Charity works with veterans at the point of needing assistance with issues surrounding mental and physical health, homelessness, housing, pensions, benefits support, employment and training, woodwork and bike maintenance workshops, adventurous activities, vans for furniture uplift, removal or recycling, friendship and camaraderie.

You can help them by making a one off donating or setting monthly donating to the charity: https://www.cominghomecentre.org/

For more information please contact:

Community Veterans Support
The Coming Home Centre @ The Pearce Institute
840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU

T: 0141 237 8830
E: support@cominghomecentre.org

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