The Coming Home Centre teaches Veterans skills in bike maintenance, woodwork, wilderness therapy

The Coming Home Centre looks to teach Veterans in Glasgow skills in bike maintenance, woodwork, wilderness therapy and provide free hot lunches.

This year they look to have 500 registered veterans at the Centre.  They work at the front line of veterans assistance in Glasgow and are quite unique in the work that we do.  Why? They help at the point of need, a veteran walks in with range of needs,  they help them or bring in other agencies for a face to face meeting.

They want to continue providing nearly 1000 hot meals a month, free tea/coffee, emergency food parcels, their furniture uplift service to keep delivering furniture to Veterans in need.

They have just updated their wood ‘man shed’ shop, where Veterans use the shop to build furniture which in turn develops a sense of personal pride and accomplishment, they make very hard wearing garden sheds and benches.  Time and pride.

Their bike shed has been providing free bikes to veterans for the last 2 years, they have also started to train veterans to maintain bikes for the community, so they can give something back.  So far their veterans have given bikes to children’s homes and serviced the bikes of the local community.

They want to develop their own wilderness therapy programme to get veterans into the great outdoors, into the wild highlands.  They will be training instructors and investing in a mini bus.

They will continue assisting elderly veterans with companionship and transport assistance. To find out more click here:

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