Interactive Webinars: Adding Clarity to the Transition Process

The Officers’ Association has introduced a series of interactive webinars inviting speakers from a variety of sectors to share knowledge on their particular industry. As well as focussing on sectors, such as project management and oil and gas, webinars will also discuss different aspects of transition from networking to negotiating contracts.


The transition from military to civilian life for anyone in the Armed Forces is an exciting period of change but can also be a time of uncertainty when choosing which path to take next. The aim of the webinars is to give the OA community insight into a variety of career possibilities and provide an opportunity to ask questions in an informal setting.


Head of Employment Services Liz Stevens says: “Whether individuals are in transition or considering a career change, we aim to raise awareness of, and add clarity to, the different options available. We hope our webinars will add value to the transition process through both informing and consolidating on knowledge already garnered.”


Feedback from participants has been positive:


“Excellent format and speakers and good to have audience surveys.”


“This one was a really useful refresher for me and helped me pause for thought.”


The OA’s next webinar will focus on facilities management. The sector is worth up to £95bn each year in the UK and can hold a wide scope of responsibilities. From ensuring the smooth operational running of large infrastructures to making sure there’s enough coffee in a skyscraper to keep its thousands of workers happy, sign up to find out what opportunities the industry offers. Follow this link:

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