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RAF at 100

By Ed Hanna

This month marks the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force in 1918. The RAF have planned a…

Drones on the doorstep | David Shariatmadari

By Sharon Black

I grew up alongside RAF Waddington; its drones might at last be altering the attitudes of village green Lincolnshire Armed drones have been with us since only 2001 , yet it has already become a cliche that these weapons divorce the killer from the act of killing so completely that a “pilot” can execute a strike before nipping out for a sandwich in the Nevada sunshine. Nevada is one thing, but the wheat fields of Lincolnshire? The place I grew up?

Anti-drone protestors march against UK flight-control centre

By Sharon Black

Organisations protest the navigation from RAF Waddington of unmanned Reaper aircraft in Afghanistan Police have closed sections of the A15 and other roads in Lincolnshire as anti-war protestors gathered on Saturday outside an RAF base today to protest the UK’s use of armed drones in Afghanistan. Members of the Stop The War Coalition, CND, the Drone Campaign Network and War on Want began marching from Lincoln to nearby RAF Waddington at around 12.30pm. The Guardian revealed on Thursday that the RAF had begun remotely operating its Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles deployed to Afghanistan, from the Lincolnshire airbase

War surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe and his ‘Guinea Pigs’ honoured

By Sharon Black

Second world war physician invent new surgical techniques to rebuild faces left unrecognisable by burns from combat The design for a unique memorial honouring the pioneering plastic surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe, the hundreds of second world war air crew whom he rescued from despair, and the town of East Grinstead that was a crucial part of their rehabilitation, will be unveiled in the town on Friday. The project has been acutely personal for its sculptor, Martin Jennings.

Report criticises handling of armed forces complaints

By Sharon Black

Commissioner says complaints system in armed forces is too bureaucratic and should be simplified The way complaints by men and women in the armed forces about bullying, harassment, and discrimination are handled is ineffective, unfair and unacceptable, a report says. Dr Susan Atkins, the service complaints commissioner , castigates the way the system deals with cases concerning armed forces personnel

I survived the bombing of Dresden and continue to believe it was a war crime | Victor Gregg

By Sharon Black

As a prisoner of war held in Dresden, I still suffer the memories of those terrible events and my anger refuses to subside I wasn’t new to murder and bloodletting. I had enlisted two years prior to the outbreak of the second world war and by the time I was 21 I had taken part in one major battle and various smaller ones. I had been in fights where the ground in front of me was littered with the remains of young men who had once been full of the joy of living, laughing and joking with their mates