New Veterans Raffle is Force of Good

New Veterans Raffle is Force of Good

Off By Ed Hanna

A new raffle that provides the opportunity for a feel-good factor double whammy of winning big while donating to charity, Veterans Raffle started in May 2018 with a limited budget for promotion.

After being awarded a government grant for digital marketing, and building a community that’s already provided pertinent feedback on the future of the business, this draw has gone back to the drawing board with regard to its marketing strategy.

Originally branded as the YES Society Charity Raffle, the first port of call was to choose a name that truly represents what they do and why they do it.

Subscribers to the monthly raffle had already fed back online that they found the name and the logo confusing. So, as soon as YES Society founder and chairman Christopher Hearn was awarded Small Business Growth Grant Funding by Adur & Worthing Councils, in partnership with Adur and Worthing Business Partnership, he contacted Jelly Digital Marketing ( for expert guidance.

The focus for the all-new Veterans Raffle ( was a clean, fresh logo that represents the raffle as supporting veterans of UK armed forces and emergency services. It was clear that the Union Jack colours to pinpoint patriotism were instrumental and a sense of kinship and care, to reflect the good work Veterans Raffle does with its charity donations, was the way to go. To show that a celebration of the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and emergency services are at the heart of what Veterans Raffle does, the logo choice was sealed.

With the help of the government grant, Veterans Raffle will launch a digital marketing campaign. This will centre on social media marketing (predominantly Facebook and Twitter) to raise awareness of the raffle and the work it does to support charities such as Veterans Association UK, Building Heroes and Service Dogs UK.

Since the raffle launched in May, it has accumulated close to 300 likes on Facebook but their new target is 1000. As well as spreading the word about Veterans Raffle and the money it gives to good causes – and encouraging new subscribers to the monthly draw in which they could win up to £25,000 – an increase to 1000 Facebook likes will make the not-for-profit eligible for further assistance and funding from the folks at Facebook, which will be another step in the right direction.

The Veterans Raffle Facebook page is already shaping up as a hub of information on military and emergency services events, news, opportunities and advice. As well as letting fans and followers know about sleep-out fundraising events for homeless charities Veterans Raffle is waxing lyrical about upcoming air displays and memorial celebrations. There’s even a chance to get some #MondayMotivations in the form of rousing war film scores and have some #FridayFun with squaddies throwing some shapes on YouTube!

Make sure you give the Facebook page: ( a like and become part of the troop that makes the Veterans Raffle colours fly.


Driven by personal experience, having seen first-hand how Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) seriously impacted on a friend’s quality of life, a retired police officer founded YES (Your Emergency Service) Society who promotes the Veterans Raffle. With a focus on PTSD; serious injuries and disability; homelessness; and general wellbeing – the Veterans Raffle supports specialist UK Armed Forces and emergency service charities.

The Veterans Raffle was created to encourage long-term giving. Those who donate a fixed £10 per month have their name automatically entered into all the prize draws with the potential to win from £100 to £25,000.

It’s the only truly ‘open and fair’ raffle or lottery in the UK – giving 95% of monthly subscription funds to good causes and in prizes – which is why it’s able to offer the very best jackpot odds. Enter the UK Veterans Raffle and you’ll be making a huge difference to the lives of others while having the chance to win up to £25,000 in the monthly draw.

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