From Officers’ Mess To Boardroom


If you’ve commanded Personnel in your time, your civilian career could be heading straight for the company boardroom!

Adapted from CivvyStreet Magazine, October 2013.

These days there are plenty of well-trodden paths for non-commissioned officers and other ranks between the Armed Forces and many a successful civilian career; popular options include the Emergency Services, and the security, transport, or construction sectors. If you’re leaving as an officer (however junior), your options are just as good; the command and management experience at your fingertips could well take you into the boardroom, or at least deposit you pretty high up the corporate ladder.

Having any rank (and the responsibility that comes with it) in the Armed Forces can be excellent preparation for a managerial career. There might not seem to be a direct correlation between guiding operations in Afghanistan and, say, managing a machine plant in Twickenham or a financial services company in the City of London, but your time in uniform will certainly hone a host of ‘transferrable’ managerial skills. Yes, your civilian peer might have gained a great MBA but, according to Michael Jordan of US company EDS, while that qualification can “give you the tools and familiarity” with making decisions, Military experience puts you “in a real-world situation”.

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Britain to announce closer military co-operation with Libya

New defence links with Somalia and Burma will also be revealed as part of shift in military strategy Britain will announce it is has agreed closer military co-operation with Libya, as well as establishing new defence links to Somalia and Burma.

The hope is that fostering better relations in areas where the UK has security and business interests will head off future conflicts, prevent terrorism and give Britain a better foothold in north Africa and the Horn of Africa over the next 20 years. The UK has agreed to help train the Libyan military, especially its navy and air force, and will also help to establish bomb disposal and defence language schools

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Britain to announce closer military co-operation with Libya

News article: 2 PARA plough on through snowy exercise

In the depths of a Northumbrian winter, soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment ( 2 PARA ) are braving the snow to take part in Exercise Eagle’s Nest at Otterburn Ranges.


The two-week-long training, which began last week, is designed so that troops can practise live firing, manoeuvring across hostile countryside, working with fire support from artillery and helicopters, and living in the field for prolonged periods.

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News article: 2 PARA plough on through snowy exercise

UK to provide logistical military assistance to Mali

On Saturday, 12 January, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke to President François Hollande of France about how the UK can support French military assistance being provided to the Malian government to contain rebel and extremist groups in the north of the country. As a result of this, the UK has offered, at French request, 2 transport aircraft to help quickly transport foreign troops and equipment to the West African country.

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UK to provide logistical military assistance to Mali