Join our Policing Family

Join our Policing Family

Off By Ed Hanna

Chris Armitt, Deputy Chief Constable and Army Veteran

“I am immensely proud to have been a Police Officer for the last 32 years, however I have never forgotten my earlier military background and entry into the Police Service. I joined the Royal Engineers straight from school as a 16 year old in 1981, and over the next eight years served in Germany, the US, Canada, Africa and Northern Ireland. When I decided to join the police, certain forces would not consider my application as I did not have a current UK address or live in their force area, however Merseyside Police had a totally different approach, recognising the potential challenges facing ex-military personnel and I joined the force at the end of 1989. My father was a soldier before joining the Police Service and my eldest son has followed the same route, meaning I understand the importance of this career transition and the benefits that can be realised for both Cheshire Constabulary and service personnel. We must ensure that we do not place unnecessary barriers in front of service personnel seeking to join the force, whilst finding access routes that recognise the unique skills and life experiences many following this path have to offer.”

Chris Walker, Police Constable and Army Veteran

“When I was 15, my dad told me to ‘get a job or get out’. I wanted to be a police officer but my school career advisor told me “You’re too small and too thick, don’t bother!”. After searching and having no luck finding a job, I walked into the Army Careers office, did the BARB test and was given a start date. 

During May 2021, I felt absolutely devastated that I was being forced to leave the Army after completing my years. I travelled the world, flew through the ranks, and in the blink of an eye, it was over. It was my place, my family, my home – it was my everything. Not a job but an absolute way of life – I felt useless, what was I going to do?

A family friend told me that Cheshire Constabulary was recruiting. I had absolutely no belief that I would get through, but the Army had taught me to Be the Best. So I applied, and got through.

On my first day of training, I realised that this was where I was supposed to be. And it only got better. The Instructors were amazing and took the time to repeat information without making you feel stupid or like you had asked a daft question. One day we had a Neuro Diversity lecture and I knew straight away what my tutor was talking about, it was about me. I didn’t want to speak up straight away, until I saw another infantryman like me take the test and he had dyslexia. To be honest, I was scared that they’d eject me but that is not what Cheshire Constabulary is about. One of their straplines is that Cheshire Cares. And they do. I took all the tests, came up with perfect scores and was supported from being diagnosed. It blew my mind. My whole life I believed what everyone said, that I was thick. Not thick, but dyslexic!

Joining Cheshire Police has been the most amazing experience. I belong in the right place with this wonderful cross section of modern Britain. I’m not just back to being myself, I’m better.

I know that feeling that all veterans get, that they are abandoned and lose their self-worth. So, to all my Veteran brothers, come in from the cold and join the police. Everything that you are is valued here, all of your skills are needed. Your compassion, drive, experience, empathy and sympathy (and sense of humour) are what is needed in Britain’s modern police. And if you’re really lucky, and you want it, you’ll join Cheshire Constabulary, leading from the front. So start your battle prep now, check your pouches and prepare to move, you won’t get here unless you try.

Be the Best, with the Best…again.

Cheshire Constabulary offers a wide scope of career opportunities.

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