Military Hearing Loss and Tinnitus – Are you eligible to make a claim?

Military Hearing Loss and Tinnitus – Are you eligible to make a claim?

Off By Ed Hanna

Military personnel are often exposed to noises such as gunfire, mortars, bombs, artillery, aircraft, vehicle engines and machinery. Many do not always have the benefit of hearing protection and even if provided, they may have been sub-standard. This can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus.

Jon Winters, Head of Industrial Disease Department at Roper James Solicitors, says: “I take great pleasure in representing members of the Armed Forces and to ensure that they receive the appropriate compensation for any injuries incurred whilst Serving their Country.”

To make a M-NIHL claim, you need to have Served in the Forces (this also includes the Territorial Army and Reserves). Your job title or position whilst Serving is irrelevant, as long as you had some type of exposure to noise, normally to weapons firing, even if just during basic training.

To assess your eligibility for a Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss (M-NIHL) and/or tinnitus claim, the first step is to contact Roper James for an initial free consultation – when they will start by discussing your circumstances and advise you accordingly. 

It does not matter if your symptoms are only minor at the moment; it is important to consider how they may deteriorate and affect you in the future. If following a previous hearing test you were assured that your hearing was satisfactory, that does not mean that is the case today. M-NIHL can progress at an accelerated rate after the exposure occurred. Any current diagnosis will be based on any hearing test carried out now.    

Initial advice regarding claims is free of charge and furthermore if the solicitors at Roper James find that you have grounds to make a claim they will offer a ‘No win no fee’ agreement, meaning that you will pay nothing if your claim is unsuccessful.

Roper James is an established general legal practice with a solid reputation, as evidenced by the many positive messages of thanks on their website. Contact them today to discuss your circumstances. If you would like to discuss a claim with Roper James, please contact Jon Winters at: 

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