Off By Ed Hanna

We caught up with franchise owner, Jim Mosley, of Cargo2Go Yorkshire to ask him about his experience of being a successful Cargo2Go franchisee.

Jim explained: “I’d got to the age of 40 and had always harboured ambitions to run my own business and be my own boss. The franchising model appealed to me as it should help you avoid the risks and pitfalls of starting something from scratch. The courier sector had always struck me as one that would be relatively recession proof, should be a growing market, as the internet further entrenched its way into our lives, and one where you could start with no prior experience. (I’d worked in IT and software before deciding to buy my first franchise.) We started Cargo2Go Yorkshire back in 2011, in the depths of the last recession, so the going was tough to start with. However, with the support and knowhow of the Cargo2Go franchise team we soon got the business onto a profitable footing. My initial investment was soon recouped, and we now have a solid, successful business with a very wide customer base. 

While it has given us a nice house and cars, as well as lovely holidays and stuff like that, the really satisfying thing is looking back at the last 10 years and knowing that our hard work, diligence and belief in the process has really paid off. You definitely get out what you put in. It’s a very proud feeling to know we started from a small investment in 2011 and this year will turnover almost £2.5m – that’s a good business!” 

The support team will help you get started and best of all, stay with you for the whole journey. They want you to succeed and build something you too can be 100% proud of.

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