Vacancies: Adada Healthcare Services

Vacancies: Adada Healthcare Services

Off By Civvy Street

Adada Healthcare Services specialises in the provision of healthcare professionals for the NHS, local council and care homes in England and Wales. 

Our recruitment and training processes are designed to support Veterans in gaining employment and training that recognises their experience and transferable skills. 

Adada Healthcare Services is currently recruiting the following temporary workers to the NHS

  • Nurses (including ANP, ENPs & Nursing Associates)
  • Midwifes
  • Care Support Workers (Care Homes,
  • Assisted Living & Domiciliary Cares
  • Allied Health Professionals (including ambulatory & Physicians Associates; and Health Service Scientists
  • Paramedics
  • Social workers
  • Administrative services
  • Business administration and projects
  • Catering
  • Estate and Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Office services
  • Human resources

Adada Recruitment and Training Services respect Military values and  attributes and offer a guaranteed interview for candidates (and spouses)  with a Military background as part of their pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant.