Officers Association Scotland – celebrating a centenary year

Officers Association Scotland – celebrating a centenary year

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As the Officers Association Scotland reaches its centenary year in 2020 it looks forward to celebrating not only the last 100 years but the next 100 and beyond.

OA Scotland is passionate about supporting officers and their families to have the resources and assistance they need to find security, stability and independence. To achieve this, they provide employment support to officers and their families throughout their transition and beyond. Their bespoke employment package provides:

·       CV/interview Skills, training and prep

·       Varied training workshops and webinars

·       Networking advice, opportunities and events

·       Executive jobs board

·       Range of employer events

·       Access to over 500 employers across Scotland

Their Consultants take you on your own individualised journey, assessing your experience, analysing your abilities, reviewing multiple sectors and then tailoring your skills to that perfect role.

Additionally, they provide an equally important welfare service supporting widows, families and Veterans in times of crisis. Distributing over £120,000 in 2019, OA Scotland set up organisational grants to charities who support Veterans. They are delighted that Horseback UK, ASAP, Fares 4 Free and Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Co were successful.

Finally, to celebrate our centenary year, OA Scotland have just launched the Bursary Award Scheme. This grant is designed to enable self-development, to achieve and progress in the career you desire.

So, if you are interested in getting involved with OA Scotland, please register for support, call us or even join their alumni to become part of the Officers Association Scotland’s family.