Resettlement Challenges? Finchale Group Can Help!

Resettlement Challenges? Finchale Group Can Help!

By Ed Hanna

Plenty of Serviceleavers are surprised by just how challenging resettlement can be. The shock of the new can be overwhelming and bring on subsequent issues. Finchale Group provide tailored, holistic and practical support for Service-leavers. If you’re struggling with resettlement, it may be time to contact them.

Finchale Group is an independent charity and leading provider of specialist employment programmes that support people with complex barriers to employment that want to make a life change to realise their full potential.

Professional advice is available on all manner of issues from employability and housing to education, training, self-employment and financial support through to more personal issues concerning wellbeing, family and drugs and alcohol.

Finchale Group focuses on the individual, their potential, and their unique circumstances to inspire self-belief to overcome their challenges.

Finchale Group delivers

Finchale Group provide professional case managed support, training and skills delivered in the community. Working locally, Finchale Group support communities with values underpinned by providing client-focused support for the Armed Forces community, those who seek to overcome challenges to find work and a sustainable future in the community, and those who are hard to help but seek a structured lifestyle.

Finchale Group’s high success rates are down to the knowledge, hard work and dedication of their compassionate team who build strong relationships with every client for as long as it takes to make a positive impact.

Depth of support

What’s different about Finchale Group is that it operates as a lead provider, subcontractor and collaborator. Their strong delivery model is built upon using the right partnerships to provide the best support for clients and the wider community.

The essence of Finchale Group’s mission is in working together with like-minded organisations to play an important role in building strong and sustainable communities, one individual at a time.

Bring it on! Examples of how Finchale Group can help…


Finchale Group have an enviable record of achieving sustained employment for their clients. Their specialist employment advisors provide support with everything from job searching and interview techniques, to writing CVs and job application forms that will win the attention of an employer.

Education and training

Finchale Group offer a range of fully funded and commercial courses to suit individual needs. Finchale Group’s list of courses is updated regularly to meet the evolving needs of clients. (For further information on the range of courses available or to apply, contact them as below.)

Wellbeing support

Clients are enabled to decide the best way forward through support with emotional, mental health, disability and physical health-related issues. Each person’s wellbeing affects them in different ways – so support is flexible and tailored to offer information and links to additional services.

Housing support

Finchale Group work alongside a wide variety of partners and organisations to support clients to find stable housing that meets their needs, and provides a base from which they can start to positively move on with their lives.


Whatever the circumstances, such as debt and other financial issues, Finchale Group work with a wide range of agencies to ensure that these issues are resolved, enabling clients to positively move on.

Drugs and alcohol

Finchale Group’s approach to supporting clients to resolve or manage an addiction is to address it in the context of the person, rather than dealing with it separately. They support clients to overcome these barriers to success by providing a single support package designed for that individual.

Family support

Having experience of supporting the Armed Forces community for 75 years, Finchale Group understands that the experiences of one family member can have an impact on the entire family – they offer support with all the family in mind, actively encouraging (where appropriate) partners or immediate family members to join clients during visits to their homes or communities.

Self-employment support

Whether it’s a new venture alongside existing commitments, or you are ready to go it alone full-time, if a client dreams of starting a business, Finchale Group is behind them every step of the way with dedicated enterprise support.

Get in touch…

Finchale Group has an incredible record of success with 55% of all clients securing stable jobs – and with 100% achieving some form of positive outcome.

If you’re fi nding resettling from the Armed Forces challenging, get in touch now.

Tel: 0191 386 2634

Finchale was there for these guys – and they’re here for you too…


Mel Served in the Army for 19 years. When he left, he struggled to integrate and felt that he had lost his sense of pride. Mel was recovering from a mental health breakdown, suffering with alcohol dependency and £20,000 of debt when he contacted Finchale Group. Some days he was reluctant to leave his home.

Finchale arranged referrals to mental health services and a debt relief charity, and encouraged him to take part in a number of community events. He was also helped into fulltime employment as an LGV driver. He no longer drinks and follows a financial plan to enable him to pay off his debts within two years. He said: “Without the support I received from Finchale I would still be in debt and without a job. They helped me move on to where I am now. I have my sense of pride back as I now have a trade – it’s given me my professional status back and I feel like a member of society now. My drinking? I don’t anymore, it’s the end of my job if I do and I’m not giving that up for anyone”.


Lea wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and join the Army. Lea subsequently joined the Light Infantry and Served for seven years. He began civilian life as a volunteer instructor with a local Army Cadet Force detachment and then secured a full time job. Following an altercation with his manager, Lea decided to walk away from his job. He was suffering with anxiety, low self-esteem and severe depression at the point he contacted Finchale’s Veteran support team. He wanted help to secure new employment but it was very clear that his confi dence needed rebuilding too. Within a short period of time, Lea was taken onto one of Finchale’s support programmes and over a period of four weeks he obtained his fork lift operator qualifi cation, received support from his case manager to get him ‘employment ready’ and assistance to search and apply for a job. Lea said: “I am extremely grateful for the support Finchale gave me. It helped me re-focus my life at a really bad time for me. I now have a job and feel that I have something to give”.