The vomFass Franchise – Join one of the fastest growing speciality food and beverage franchise systems!

The vomFass Franchise – Join one of the fastest growing speciality food and beverage franchise systems!

By Ed Hanna

vomFass is one of the most exciting retail concepts available in the world today. We are a gourmet store featuring top-of-the-line products with a unique taste-before-you-buy in-store experience. Customers discover the world’s finest oils, vinegars, spirits, spices and gourmet foods carefully selected for their enjoyment.

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever on the quality and sourcing of foods they eat or drinks they enjoy. This phenomenon is often described as “foodie culture”, and it’s changing customer expectations as to what products they want and how much they will pay. vomFass is the only global franchise that focuses on speciality goods emphasising on quality, sustainability, affordability, education and entertainment. Part of the vomFass magic is the careful selection of the finest growers and producers from the Swiss Alps, the shores of the Mediterranean and up to Scotland.

Recipe for Success

Founded in Germany in 1994, vomFass has grown to nearly 300 locations in 28 countries around the world. The speciality food industry is tremendously growing in annual sales, positioning vomFass as a brand with exciting market potential. This franchise opportunity has provided the platform for highly motivated individuals to display their communication and business skills and appreciation of gourmet foods and spirits. The combination of exclusive artisanal products and unique instore tasting experiences provide franchisees with tools to capitalize on two key trends: foodie culture and experiential retail. The vomFass concept delivers a retail experience that is truly unique in the marketplace. Customers engage all five sense in the product discovery and selection process. They know when they walk out the door they are going to be 100% thrilled with their purchase.

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vomFass offers:

  • 25 years of excellence
  • Over 280 locations in 28 countries
  • International award-winning products
  • Sustainable sourcing and production practices
  • Innovative Leader in a Booming Industry
  • Unique Experiential Retail Concept
  • Artisanal Oils, Vinegars, Spirits and Gourmet Foods