Sea Cadets’ NCS Is Back!

Sea Cadets makes exploring the world feel safe and exciting at the same time. Sea Cadets is different from school. There’s a lot of learning. But it’s done through activities – on the water, on land and in the unit – and their volunteers leading by example.

It’s also different from home, a break from screens and being cooped up inside. The platform they offer youngsters is built on the foundations of a Royal Navy ethos. Their customs and traditions inspire our work and focus our commitment to supporting teenagers today.

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Why Relationship Counselling Is Part Of The RNRMC’s Grant Funding Strategy

“Because of the constant time away from the family and the fact that I am left to handle everything by myself, divorce is one of the options I am considering.”

Statistics provided by the Service shows that relationship problems have been in the top five problems presenting in each of the last ten years. In the Tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FAMCAS) 2015, 52% of respondents stated that they felt that their relationship with their serving partner would be better if they left the Royal Navy / Royal Marines. 68% had started a conversation with their serving spouse about leaving the Service.

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