Civvy Life: Al Davidson – The Malcolm Group

Al Davidson is a training manager with logistics company, The Malcolm Group.

AL DAVIDSON 1What’s your Military background?

I served 23 years with the Royal Engineers during which time I gained extensive quality experience in logistics and construction engineering whilst working in some 30 countries around the World.

I obtained a variety of licences including LGV 3, 2 and 1, plant licences including forklift tickets and I spent three years at a training unit, three years in bomb disposal and a year to finish as PSI with a TA/Reservist Unit.

How was your resettlement?

Resettlement from the Armed Forces went well. The TA experience helped with networking and due to my qualifications and licences I had secured a job as a trainer before I left the Forces.

I got involved with Logistics after joining WH Malcolm to give their training team a boost by training their warehousing staff and drivers from both their Logistics and Construction divisions.

Military training and experience often equips people with transferable skills. Do you use any particular skills in your job that you picked up in the Military?

After training and delivering training in the Armed Forces the move to civilian life was actually quite easy as good training developed and delivered well, is what all companies cry out for.

What do you miss about the Armed Forces?

The main thing I miss about the Armed Forces is the camaraderie so it is important to keep in touch. I also miss the inner feeling that when the ‘proverbial’ hits the fan everyone knows exactly how to act and what to do and that I would also know what they would do.

What do you enjoy most about being back on Civvy Street?

Steady routine and being home on a regular basis, although my wife might not agree with that!

Do you see similarities between the logistics industry and the Armed Forces?

The Army is all about logistics: planning, moving and delivering. Timings, care and quality are essential. Quality means getting it right first time, every time.

As Training Manager at The Malcolm Group, what is it that most impresses you about Service-leavers?

Service-leavers are a good catch for any company; well disciplined, well trained, punctual and well turned out. If I have one small criticism it’s that things are different out here and we all need training before coming out. Although our skills and qualifications are transferrable, Service-leavers need to be civilianised, so any chance to spend time with a civilian company should be grabbed with both hands

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