The following listings provide a snapshot of what’s coming up over the next few weeks for Service-leaders who prefer direct contact with potential employers or training providers.

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  • Tue

    Officers' Association: Webinar - How to Draft a CV that will Catch Recruiters' Attention


    This webinar will be focusing on what recruiters are looking for in a CV and how to draft a CV that will catch their attention.

    The webinar will include some first hand advice given by HR recruiters from companies that have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. Clive Lowe, a Career Consultant at the Officers’ Association will provide some pointers for developing your CV.

    Clive will take both pre-submitted and ‘live’ questions and will respond on air in an informal setting.

    If you would like to submit a question (not more that 120 characters) please write to

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    This event is hosted by Officers' Association and is not a Career Transition Partnership event. The CTP are working with Officers' Association to promote the event in order to ensure it is of the greatest benefit to Service leavers.