South West Water

South West Water

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Our aim is to continually drive up standards, particularly in the areas that matter most to our customers and be among the best in the water industry.

These are standards that we know Service-leavers and Veterans can get behind. That’s why we’re aiming to recruit from this talent pool, in order to benefit from the first class skills and attributes vested by a career in the British Armed Forces.

We believe that by investing in the future of our region, we are not only improving the quality of life for today’s residents and visitors but are also taking responsibility for future generations.

We believe that the strongest businesses are built on solid, stable foundations – with a vision and a culture that gives them the freedom to change, improve and innovate.

We’re proud to be responsible for providing reliable, efficient and high-quality drinking water and wastewater services for the beautiful South West area.

South West Water is the drinking water and wastewater service provider for a population of around 1.7 million in Cornwall, Devon, and parts of Somerset and Dorset. Since 2016 it has also been providing water services in the Bournemouth Water region to a population of approximately 0.5 million. We provide reliable, efficient and high quality drinking water and waste water services throughout these areas.

South West Water is the only water supplier in the region, therefore there is a very strict system of regulation in place to safeguard the best interests of its customers and the environment.

Keeping the taps on!
Electrical craftsperson, Gavin Harris, is a former Serviceperson and describes briefly his role, and how his Services background helped him during the recent coronavirus pandemic, when he became a valued keyworker…

“No one ever thinks of electricians working for a water company, but all our water treatment works, pumping stations and reservoirs use power. If there isn’t any power, there isn’t any water!

I’ve worked for South West Water for several years now, and I’m in a team of five that looks after all the drinking water sites in Mid and East Devon. We look after everything from pumps and motors to generators and lights.

My wife is a healthcare professional and we were both classed as key workers during the lockdown. I Served in the Military before this so I’m used to working in unusual situations, but it was still a bit of a juggling act trying to balance our working hours with childcare, home schooling and what became normal life during lockdown.

We often take it for granted but whatever happens, people need water. I’m really proud of the role we’ve all played in keeping our customers supplied during this time.”

Your pride, our passion…

Be yourself. We like it that way. 
Together, we will build a culture of belonging, where inclusion is instinctive. Diversity is our strength and a reflection of our communities. We care, we value everyone, we celebrate uniqueness.

Our core values which are essential to our success are:
·    Trusted – We do the right thing for our customers and stakeholders.
·    Collaborative – We forge strong relationships working together to make a positive impact.
·    Responsible – We keep our promises to our customers, communities, and each other.
·    Progressive – We are always looking for new ways to improve and make life better.

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