How to join the Digital Infrastructure Industry

How to join the Digital Infrastructure Industry

Off By Ed Hanna

Since 1996, CNet Training has educated thousands of Service-leavers, providing them with the skills, hands-on experience and sought-after qualifications to enter the lucrative network cable and data centre sectors. 

Today, CNet is the only industry dedicated education provider in the world to provide both internationally recognised qualifications and official certification for their programmes.

Next month, on 12 May, CNet is holding their Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing, a half day (virtual) event focused on supplying Armed Forces personnel, Service-leavers and ex-Force personnel with information about how to start a rewarding career within the Digital Infrastructure Industry (the network cabling and data centre sectors).

Aimed at providing insight and advice about what’s involved in reskilling into the Digital Infrastructure Industry, this virtual event will explain the pathway to pursuing a career from a resettlement perspective, explain the various career opportunities and salaries that are available and provide information on Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funded education programmes, that can assist those interested in achieving their career goals.

CNet has a dedicated resettlement team who work closely with learners, supporting them not only during their resettlement training but throughout their transition to their civilian careers.

The resettlement team, alongside guests from leading industry organisations, will talk through the wide variety of career paths that are available; the typical roles and the salaries they attract and what a ‘day in the life’ might look like for some of the key roles. They will also talk about what it is really like to work within industry leading data centres and network infrastructure organisations and what to expect in transitioning to the industry from the Armed Forces.

For more information on CNet’s Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing, and how to register for future events if you have missed this one, please visit: