The real value to you of your Armed Forces Pension

The real value to you of your Armed Forces Pension

Off By Ed Hanna

At the Forces Pension Society, our purpose is to empower our Members to make the best pension choices. We receive more than 15,000 pension enquiries each year and respond by giving individual guidance. Among the most frequent comments fed back to us is “I wish I’d known about you earlier”.

There’s no doubt that the more you understand your pension options, and the earlier you begin planning ahead for retirement, the better off you are likely to be. Through your Armed Forces career, you will face numerous decision-points and that’s when we can help, guiding you through the pension maze and providing clarity.

In this brief article I want to remind you of the key benefits – the real value if you like – of your Armed Forces Pension (AFP):

  • You can calculate and plan ahead knowing exactly what you will receive and when you will receive it by making reasonable assumptions on your career progression. This means you can plan your financial future.
  • It is Government assured – and not at risk through stock market fluctuations, fund performance or other unexpected influences.
  • The selfless commitment you give to your country is reciprocated by providing appropriate benefits for your dependants in the event of your death.
  • Immediate Pension, Early Departure Payments (EDP) plus Resettlement Grants enable you to transition into civilian life, giving you a sound platform for a second career.
  • Your Armed Forces Pension Scheme is non-contributory (though this is taken into account in setting pay scales) with equivalent schemes in the private sector involving very substantial amounts of money indeed.
Maj Gen Neil Marshall, CEO, Forces Pension Society

So my message is this; make the most of your AFP by understanding its value and by taking advantage the many options you have to achieve your full pension potential (knowing the best time to leave, pension top-ups and much more). When you join us, our Forces Pensions Consultants will guide and support you through the complexities of the Schemes.

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