Franchising for ex-Military personnel – A perfect fit

Franchising for ex-Military personnel – A perfect fit

Off By Ed Hanna

The UK franchising sector values the skills of Military Service-leavers and actively encourages them to become franchisees. Armed Forces experience helps to develop an array of qualities in an individual that are easily transferable to franchising. 

By Atoosa Gitiforoz

A franchisee, using the trademark and resources of an already established company, runs and owns their business. Starting a business as a franchisee is commercially low risk, as the business model has already been tried and tested. An operations model is provided by the franchisor (owner of the parent franchise), which includes clear steps to getting started and training staff, financial breakdowns and wider operations specific to the business. 

An initial investment fee to the company is required and then an ongoing monthly fee; this usually covers the cost of using the brand, marketing, a business model to work from, access to training and suppliers, business development guidance and wider support from the franchise.

The ability to follow a model while exercising initiative on the go is a skill that ex-Forces personnel have in abundance. The capability to follow existing procedures, a strong work ethic, loyalty to the brand, self-discipline, teamwork and leadership skills are all necessary to becoming a franchisee and ones that are transferable for someone with a Military background. 

Unlike running an independent business, where success often depends on knowledge and connections within an industry, becoming a franchisee does not require previous experience in a sector. Support with administration, supply access, marketing and finances is ongoing. Franchise businesses exist across a wide array of sectors, so there is an industry fit for everyone, with flexible working options and varying management types. 

It’s important to identify what elements of working life are important to you – do you have a particular sector you are passionate about, or do you prefer identifying your options with factors like management styles? What aspects of running your own business matter to you most? Flexible working, managing a team on a day-to-day basis, or remote working? Answering these questions will help narrow your options to franchises that fit your wants and expectations. 

The UK’s largest franchising accreditation body, the British Franchise Association (bfa) is a non-profit association that helps regulate the industry. Bfa franchise members undergo a rigorous accreditation process that looks at company ethics in line with the European Code of ethics, and a comprehensive look at the business model to ensure it can be safely replicated. The safest way to explore franchises is to visit the bfa website:

Life After the Military
The bfa have produced a free, downloadable guide that explains business format franchising; what is it is, how it works and key considerations. This guide is especially designed for those who have left or are leaving the Military.

We have seen that franchising is the perfect fit for many ex-Military personnel. The case studies in this guide show how an extensive set of transferrable skills, coupled with unparalleled support and a proven business model to follow is a recipe for success.