Signposts for Civvy Street

Signposts for Civvy Street

Off By Ed Hanna

The new book by Dr Karen Castle and Richy Kelly is designed to help Service-leavers and Veterans find their way back to something like home.

People leaving the Armed Forces bring with them extraordinary skills and attributes but can be largely inexperienced in the simple obligations of civvy life: registering for a GP, renting a home, buying a house and applying for jobs. Signposts for Civvy Street provides practical answers and solutions to many of these challenges as well as directing people to other Forces friendly organisations for more specific support. 

“Being a member of the British Armed Forces is often compared to being part of a family” says Dr Castle, adding: “Sadly during our research, we were also told that when people leave the Forces there is often a feeling of being fobbed off and not knowing where they fit in. This book helps Veterans to understand some of the challenges, as well as offering suggestions for getting the right advice and support.”

‘Signposts for Civvy Street: A comprehensive guide for all military service leavers and veterans’ by Dr Karen Castle and Richy Kelly is available now via: