Commando Joe’s, the UK’s leading character education provider

Commando Joe’s, the UK’s leading character education provider

Off By Mia Craven

Commando Joe’s is the UK’s leading character education providers, utilising the core values associated with military ethos such as self-discipline, confidence and teamwork, veterans deliver programmes across all educational settings to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people. No Child Left Behind’ is our founding ethos. Our programmes encourage parents to take a proactive role with their child’s education, improve the educational outcomes, particularly those who academically excel and need to build resilience, communication, leadership and meta-cognition. The programme can also provide early intervention for those disengaged with their education, at risk of exclusion and support the transition from primary to secondary education.

We specialise in character and life skills education – our programmes are well established and allow young people to develop life skills, character traits, attributes and behaviours, which have a positive impact on their educational attainment, engagement, employability and well-being. Integral to the design, is that they are fully inclusive, easily assessable to all within a school and the wider community.

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