Officers Association Scotland

Officers Association Scotland

Off By Ed Hanna

Officers Association Scotland
Looking for a job can be daunting at the best of times but when leaving the Military and entering the civilian world it can feel like a minefield, even more so during this pandemic. Scotland’s Officers’ Association aims to enhance your exceptional skills and experience to help you find that right career for you and ensure security, stability and independence for you and your family in Scotland.

Even in these challenging times we provide bespoke employment support to officers and their spouses and partners, throughout their transition and beyond. Our consultants take you on your own individualised journey, assessing your experience, analysing your abilities, reviewing the multiple sectors and then tailoring your skills to that perfect role.

Our employment package provides:
• CV/interview skills training and prep
• Monthly online training workshops and webinars (open to all ranks) 
• Monthly networking advice, opportunities and events (open to all ranks)
• NEW Scottish executive jobs board
• Quarterly employer fairs (open to all ranks)
• Access to over 500 employers across Scotland including Scot Gov and NHS
• Bursary award to enhance employment opportunities

Additionally, we provide an equally important welfare service, supporting widows, families and Veterans in times of crisis to help with debt, mobility support, respite or whatever bumps in the road you may face.

So, register today at: and become part of the Officers Association Scotland’s Family.