Naval Children’s Charity

Naval Children’s Charity

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When you leave the Armed Forces, it’s not just you that’s transitioning. It’s your family too. 

The Naval Children’s Charity have been supporting Naval families in making this adjustment for generations. 

The stress of returning to homelife and the rhythms of civilian life is difficult and can often lead to problems at home. 

Maybe you’re finding it hard to settle in a new place, or you’re struggling to make ends meet while searching for a job. Perhaps you’re not quite coping with your new environment, and it’s having a knock-on effect on your children’s wellbeing.  

It’s the charity’s sincere belief that to be the child of someone who is, or has been, in the Naval Service should be a positive and enhancing experience – something to be borne with pride. For those children where life is more difficult, they are here to help. 

Caseworkers handle each case carefully and discreetly, working closely alongside other likeminded charities and organisations, to make sure they can support Naval families and children when they need it most.

The charity helps over 2,000 children directly every year and connect with many thousands more through community work and other resources.

If you have Served in the Naval Service (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, QARNNS, WRNS, Reserves or Royal Fleet Auxiliary), and have a child under the age of 25, get in touch, as they may be able to help. 

Tel: 023 9263 9534