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Camden And Islington NHS Foundation Trust

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For most UK Armed Forces personnel, transitioning into civilian life is successfully managed, however there is a significant minority that runs into difficulties. Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust provide specialist Veterans’ mental health services across London and the south east of England. 

The NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Services are for ex-Service members, Reservists – when not mobilised, and individuals approaching discharge.

The services are offered through three pathways: Transition, Intervention and Liaison service (TILS), Complex Treatment Service (CTS) and the High Intensity Service (HIS). All referrals come through the TILS and in an initial meeting we will discuss your mental health difficulties and other concerns such as financial issues, employment or housing. In partnership with you, we will make recommendations for support that will get your life back on track and suggest treatment therapies that may involve referrals to your local NHS service or other organisations including Veteran charities.

The Complex Treatment Service (CTS) provides for those experiencing complex mental health difficulties. If previous NHS treatments have not helped, you may be able to access up to 32 therapy sessions within the CTS. The High Intensity Service (HIS) is a new, London only, pathway to respond to Veterans using crisis services or in need of urgent care. The High Intensity Service will respond quickly to referral, assessing the Veteran within three working days of referral. In addition to working alongside mainstream services, including 24-hour crisis teams, the HIS service operates in partnership with three Veterans’ charities: Walking with the Wounded, STOLL and The Ripple Pond and provides intensive mental and social support for between three and six months.

As well as UK Armed Forces personnel, we can offer support to their carers, family and partners. We can meet either on a one-to-one basis or with family members, and can also refer the latter for support through our partnership with The Ripple Pond.

In seeking help, many of the Veterans we see, say the hardest step was the first step – to attend the first appointment. If you prefer, you may speak to us informally, or to one of our Veteran peer support workers and gain an understanding of how we can help. Referrals to our services can be made by yourself, a professional or family, friend or carer; a referral form and further information about us can be found on our website.

Camden and Islington NHS Trust Foundation appreciate the transferable skills that Armed Forces personnel carry with them and their value to a Veteran-friendly and compassionate service. If you are interested in joining our trust, please visit: and follow us on Twitter: @ci_nhs 


Telephone: 020 3317 6818