Terrorism Studies online course at the University of St Andrews

Terrorism Studies online course at the University of St Andrews

Off By Ed Hanna

The first transnational counter-terrorism online course to provide individuals, military and police, as well as public and private sector organisations with an understanding of the latest thinking on terrorism and homeland security.

When: February, June, October
Where: Delivered online with the support of leading industry experts
Duration: Individual modules (4 weeks), Certificate (16 weeks), Advanced Certificate (32 weeks)
Ideal for: Governments & public organisations, Police forces, Emergency services, Military & Private Businesses

For more information on the opportunities we have available download our brochure or get in touch with us at security@KNect365.com.

The Terrorism Studies programme is the leading and most influential qualification in this realm of study. Over 4,700 learners, in over 130 countries, have studied this online distance learning qualification.

Given the sensitive nature of their job requirements, learners can study while in the field, and at the same time are able to study anonymously to protect their identities.

The results speak for themselves, with high learner engagement; satisfaction ratings and an above average percentage of learners returning for further study.

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What sets this programme apart?

  • We are the first international online learning course to provide learners with an understanding of the latest thinking on terrorism.
  • Over 4,700+ individuals have benefitted from this programme representing over 130 countries.
  • We deliver the widest breadth of terrorism related content.
  • The course is offered as an online distance learning course making this accessible to professionals in active service, wherever they are in the world.
  • This programme is now the industry standard globally for teaching on this subject.
  • The content is continuously revised and kept up to date. During a 5 year period, the content is completely renewed

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