Small Deposit, No Big Deal with Aster Group

Small Deposit, No Big Deal with Aster Group

Off By Ed Hanna

Owning your own home could be right under your nose! With new homes in the South West from £54,600* and 5% deposits only £2,730, find out more today!

Let’s face it, getting on the property ladder isn’t getting any easier is it?

Saving for a large deposit and even getting accepted for a mortgage that’s enough to buy the home you want could
be pie in the sky, right?

Enter – Shared Ownership, the property ladder buying solution. You find a home with a Shared Ownership purchase option and you buy a share (from 25% to 75%) making it affordable. You pay Aster rent on the remaining bit. And when you’re able to do so, you can buy more shares (called Staircasing) eventually leading to outright home ownership (in most cases, just ask our team first).

So, you get the home that you want, for a price you can afford, through a repayment that’s achievable. And you now have equity in your home. Goodbye renting. It’s yours!

It’s an ownership thing.

Find out more here:

Contact: 0330 333 4579


*Based on 40% Shared Ownership sale and a 95% LTV mortgage. Prices may be subject to change, speak to the team for more information.