Swissport – The Global Leader in Ground Handling

Swissport – The Global Leader in Ground Handling

Off By Ed Hanna

Swissport is the global leader in ground handling and air cargo services based on revenue and number of airports served.

In 2017 we provided ground services to 250 million passengers and handled 4.7 million tonnes of cargo on behalf of over 850 client companies. With a workforce of over 65,000 personnel, Swissport was active at 279 airports in 48 countries across the world. Total revenue increased to 2.8 billion euros in 2017 and in the cargo segment, revenue amounted to 0.5 billion euros. Ground handling contributed 2.3 billion euros in revenue to the group’s results.

By providing our customers with a full range of mission-critical ground handling and air cargo services, Swissport delivers safe, standardised, efficient and high quality operations across the globe.

Swissport colleagues can be found in passenger services such as check-in, gate management, security screening, lost and found and lounge services or in logistical roles such as baggage handling, ramp handling, de-icing, cargo handling, warehousing and fuelling. Following the closing of the acquisition of Aerocare in March 2018, Swissport’s global presence increased to 315 airports and 265 million passengers in 50 countries.

We serve a larger global customer base and offer a wider range of services than any of our competitors. Our global network allows us to optimise resource utilisation across our operations, helping us to minimise costs, and enables us to share and deploy our global knowledge and best practices across our vast international network. This enhances our consistency in the services we provide our customers and makes us more competitive.


Swissport is a distinct people business. Therefore, Swissport feels highly responsible towards all its employees which is reflected in our values, commitments, behaviours, procedures and standards. Operating globally, we strongly foster dialogue between employees and cultures to support progress.

Training and development

Swissport is committed to the development of all employees, endorsing that each individual has the relevant knowledge, skill and proficiency to deliver the highest standards of work consistently and safely in the workplace. Training and development is fundamental to maintaining and continually improving operational performance and is an integral part of the organisation in the achievement of our strategy and goals.

Growth in profitable markets

By delivering operational excellence and enhancing our service offering, we seek to leverage on our existing portfolio and seize new opportunities as they arise.

Join us for the journey…