“Battle Scars, A Story Of War And All That Follows” By Jason Fox

Jason Fox is best known as the star of Channel 4’s ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ and ‘The Real Narcos’. This is his incredible true story.

Fox Served with the Special Forces for over a decade, thriving on the close bonds of what he calls “The Brotherhood” and the sheer buzz of their missions. In the hands of another writer, this would be true ‘Boy’s Own’ stuff but Fox takes a far more sober approach, painting a detailed picture of the intensity of their endeavours.

Life in the Special Forces, as Fox describes it, is a mixture of the humdrum simple pleasures, of a freshly brewed cup of coffee interspersed with the acutely dangerous nature of going into combat against ruthless enemies. While he and his fellow comrades are quite literally among the world’s elite Soldiers, with well-honed skills and the mental toughness to see the mission to its end, there comes a point where anyone, living such a bi-polar existence, would start to feel the strain.

Battle Scars deftly describes the story of the author’s career from the adrenaline-pumped highs of gunfights, rescue missions and narrow escapes through to life on a very different kind of battlefront: confronting the psychological affects of war.

This is the gut-wrenchingly honest account of a man
who had, during the course of his training and execution of his role, become in his own mind, invincible, to having to conquer the demons that his duties had inadvertently created.

Battle Scars is an insightful journal of life as an elite Soldier and the challenges that many Service-leavers are tasked with confronting on their return to civvy street.

Available from: Bantam Press, ISBN: 9781787631168, £20.

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