Surface Repair Services: Want to start your own business?

Surface Repair Services: Want to start your own business?

Off By Ed Hanna

Our trainer, Gary Nicholls, started his surface repair business 11 years ago and currently employs 3 people.

Gary’s brother currently serves in the unit based at Kinloss. Gary has trained several ex-Army, Navy and RAF in surface repair who have gone on to have successful businesses over the years.

“I can personally recommend Gary Nicholls and the training course he provides. I travelled to Inverness and completed his 4-week intensive course. I was completely new to the surface repair industry and within the 4 weeks, I was fully trained and more importantly very confident in the skills I had learned. The course itself was intensive but it was also a lot of fun and very light-hearted and for most of it, it was hands on which is the best way to learn.”
Michael Wilkinson, Royal Engineers Regiment

  • Surface Repair Kit Included
  • 4* Accommodation
  • CSCS Test
  • IOSH Course
  • Facefit Test
  • Supplier Discounts
  • Van Shelving
  • On-going support
  • Business Advice Templates

Want to start your own business for £19,995? 
Potential monthly turnover of £5,000 to £10,000+

We specialise in training individuals who want to start their own business in repairing damage such as chips, scratches, splits, marks, dents, burns, discolouration, missing pieces, etc on any hard surface such as flooring, doors, baths, furniture, cladding, worktops, windows, sinks, marble, quartz, granite (any stone), brick, tiles…anything! Most building sites cannot run without having surface repairers on site to repair damages. This is a very popular and lucrative industry.

We run a 4-week intensive surface repair course which includes on-site live job experience. We are the only course of its kind where you successfully learn and gain experience in all surface repairs. The course includes 4 weeks accommodation (Sunday evening to Friday morning), full surface repair kit worth £7,000, repair manual, kit/supplier details and our supplier discounts as well as support/advice throughout your career.


Gary Nicholls
m: 07725 085034