Link Group: Guide to the Lift Scheme

Link Group: Guide to the Lift Scheme

Off By Ed Hanna

The transition to civilian life can often be a daunting one, particularly when considering where to live and whether to rent or buy. With over 12,000 customers since the scheme began in 2008, the Scottish Government’s LIFT Open Market Shared Equity (OMSE) scheme has helped people to buy a home in Scotland, which is often more affordable than private renting.

The LIFT scheme gives priority group applicants up to 40% equity towards the purchase price of a new home. This means that the amount of mortgage applicants must borrow is reduced and therefore reduces monthly mortgage payments significantly. Most shared equity mortgages also tend to have a lower deposit, however, we recommend you speak to a financial adviser about this to find the best option for you.

Mr Chipwatali had recently left the Armed Forces and was looking to invest in his family’s future, by buying a home in an area close to his extended family and schools for his children. Mr Chipwatali was accepted onto the scheme and was able to buy his dream home.

“This scheme gave us an option to get a house of our own when we least expected it and the process is very simple, quick and straight forward. As a member of the Armed Forces, it was especially ideal as the LIFT scheme gave me an option to buy a house in an area of my choice. This meant my transitioning from Army life to civilian was already sorted.”

Mr. Chipwatali


The percentage the Scottish Government puts into yournew  home is not required to be paid back at a certain time. You can however, voluntarily decide to buy back the Scottish Government’s equity at any time.

The scheme allows you to purchase any home that is advertised on the open-market, whether advertised in an estate agent or online on property websites, if it meets with the size and price criteria of the scheme.

To be considered for the scheme, simply complete the online application form and you will receive a decision in five working days.

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